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The SalaryOne Not-for-Profit portal is a comprehensive resource for WA NFPs on salary, remuneration, benefits, workforce and human resource metrics.

Subscribers can access survey results, past reports, dashboards, calculators, tools and other resources.

If you are not currently a subscriber, you can contact [email protected] to participate in surveys and pay an annual subscription to access the whole portal.


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Recent Updates

6/09/21 - The 2021/22 annual survey has commenced. Log in and navigate to Survey.

14/04/21 - The organisation dashboard has been updated with 2019/20 financial data. Go to the WA NFP 250 page to run user filters and export reports.

17/12/20 – The NFP Remuneration and HR Survey has been published. Log in and navigate to the dashboards, pay guide and new reports.